The standard laboratories in the Electronics & Communication Engineering Department provide thrilling experience for the students on CRO, Signal Generation, Antenna Trainer Equipments, Microwave Benches, Digital Communication Equipments, Multiple power supplies, Turbo & Micro Assembler, latest software  etc.

The students make use of these labs to experiment and verify their theoretical knowledge gained in the classroom. Students learn the latest applications of Electronics not only from the components but also simulate them using different high-end software packages like MATLAB, MultiSIM 7 (professional edition), SCILAB, LABVIEW, Xilinx, Micro wind HEP-1,HEP-2,  VLSI trainer Kit for implementation of FPGA on Xilinx chip.

There is always focus on imbibing the theoretical and practical intellect simultaneously.

  • Electronics Engineering Lab
  • Communication Lab
  • Antenna Lab
  • Optical Fiber Lab
  • Micro-Processors Lab
  • Electronic Instrumentation Lab
  • Communication and transmission Line Lab
  • VLSI Lab
  • Digital Electronics Lab
  • Microwave Lab
  • Network Analysis Lab
  • TV & Radar Lab
  • E-yantra lab