Counseling Cell

College life can be fun and fulfilling, providing the students with various opportunities to acquire new skills and knowledge & develop their character.

 This is an important milestone before they join the workforce and launch their career. 

NGI has a Tutor Guardian (TG) system –  that offers supportive and conducive environment for any student with personal issues or challenges to seek help and guidance from tutorial Guardian.

He/ She is available to provide help and support for students from diverse religious, cultural, ethnic backgrounds. 

The role of a TG is to offer support to the students to deal with a wide range of concerns -be it academic, personal, emotional, family or peer related through counseling.

TG meets students and their parents as and when needed.

Counseling is a helping process which aims to facilitate the process of growth and positive well being.

Counseling emphasizes awareness and prevention along with early identification and intervention of mental health issues.

 It allows students to effectively deal with problems and issues before they become unmanageable.

Counseling empowers students with enhanced ability to solve problems, make decisions and deal more effectively with their personal situations. It helps students to alleviate distress, enhance wellness, utilizing their best potentials and facilitate the achievements.