About Us

The Basic Science and Humanities Department is the foundation of all streams of engineering. The first step towards engineering is unimaginable without this Department. It aids in understanding the concepts of sciences very clearly, this Department includes, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Communication English. The main motto of the department is to make students understand the prerequisite concepts that familiarize them to ENGINEERING. It is run in connection with all other programs which are offered by all other departments of engineering. The laboratories of Physics, Chemistry, & Language Labs provide a practical approach towards the understanding of the subject, this emphasizes the students to enhance their subject understanding & knowledge along with communication competencies. Department of Basic Science extents its hands to the students to access themselves towards  innovation.  Irrespective of their subjects and stream specialization, it helps them to be a person of right attitudes towards Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Communication and Life Skills.


To become an advanced learning center.  To build the foundation of engineering among students with comprehensive understanding of fundamental engineering principles. The students are made competent in practical based applications of engineering.


  • To offer value-based knowledge to budding engineering professionals.
  • To provide basic concept of science for engineering students.
  • To enrich intellectual perspective with technical skills and entrepreneurship qualities.
  • To train student with industry’s  best practices with effective communication skills.
  • To inculcate social responsibility and ethical values with innovative dissemination of basic science and humanities principles.

Key Features

This is the department that is like a root of a tree, whose existence is not evident…. But its absence will not let the plant grow

It is also known by the name “FIRST YEAR DEPARTMENT”.

We at our department mould and inculcate discipline, professionalism, insight, in the fresh aspiring engineers.

We impart both practical & theoretical knowledge of sciences & communication skills to the students……so that they develop into a well groomed professional….when they graduate out of our college.

Science department is an aggregation Of Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics Departments while communication skills aspect is taken care by English department.

The above said Departments work together with the Technical Departments in a team to nourish the budding engineers.

It also has various clubs viz., art n craft, sports, cultural, choupal etc for different activities that are carried out time to time.

Programs Offered

All the branches of B.Tech courses study basic science & humanities and are introduced to the basics of all the technical subjects.

They study two different combination of under Group A  and Group B  in alternate semesters as per their branches.


All our faculties of science & humanities are Doctorates in their subjects, with immense research & teaching experience.

Our department conducts science exhibition, quizzes, cultural activities apart from the technical curriculum.