Message from Head

It gives me immense pleasure to lead the department of CSE at NRI Institute of Information Science and Technology. Our college is one of the premier institutions of Engineering and a hub of learning and co-curricular activities. The Department is striving hard towards the goal of providing innovative and quality education with high standards to achieve academic excellence.

We are witnessing a mammoth transformation in digital domain invading all aspects of our lives and as such the students and faculty members associated with the Department of CSE cannot remain untouched in these very momentous happenings. Even if we look into Gartner’s forecast of top ten technology trends of 2019, it predicts the relationship of all these technologies are directly related to the in-depth knowledge of Computer Science and associated disciplines. The new IT realities predicted are Adaptive Security Architecture, Advanced System Architecture, Mesh Application, Cyber Security and Service Architecture as well as IoT Architecture and platforms. Cyber Security and IoT is emerging as the third wave in the development of Internet. 

We at Computer Science and Engineering Department have already initiated to keep pace with the emerging technologies by exploring new areas like Big Data/ Business Analytics, Hadoop, Caasandra, MongoDB etc. We have also developed prototypes for Smart Waste Management and Smart Car Parking, Bidirectional visitors counter using Bluetooth module, Smart Irrigation, Surveillance Rover,  through sensor based IoT applications. We will be shortly installing an IoT Incubation Centre which will serve an exciting multi-disciplinary learning and research sandbox of software, electronics and communication as well as help students and faculty members to explore, experience and extend cutting edge technologies. They will be able to investigate a variety of technologies involving smart sensing, pervasive connectivity, virtual interfaces and ubiquitous computing and their potential application in consumer, retailing, health care and other industrial domains.

The excellent infrastructure, teaching faculty of the best kind along with a Training and Placement Cell ensures a bright future to its students. The department also takes initiative to improve the soft skills, analytical capabilities and verbal communication of the students so that they can face the competition in the corporate world confidently. Thus I am sure that our Engineers will emerge as assets not only to this institution and to the organization they would belong to in future, but also to the country at large.

I have the privilege to lead a vibrant group of faculty members who are highly competent and committed to academic excellence. Let us all join together to take the Department to greater heights.

Thank You