Activity Club

“We can do anything….if we want to do, if we stick to it long enough.”

Activity Club – A club that helps students to get to know their innate talents and skills, has been introduced at NIIST, as a platform to explore and exhibit their hidden talents.

 This activity club includes: sports club, science club, choupal, art n craft club, dance club, music club, ethnic club, etc, that carry out various activities from time-to-time. Apart from the hectic academic environment, this club generates a short time of relief….that rejuvenates every students mental and physical cpapcity as well.

The Inaugural ceremony was organized on 18/4/2016.The Chief Guest of the occasion was Ms. Bhakti Sharma, Sarpanch Barkhedi, Bhopal. She is the ‘Youngest Sarpanch of India’. The Guest of Honour was Mr. Digvijay Singh, an upcoming actor of Bollywood.


  • To break the shackles of the students who inhibit to portray their talents and skills.
  • To shoulder various responsibilities assigned to the students.
  • To teach the students to work in teams and get along well with each other as a team player.


  • Cultural events
  • Community and Social services
  • Festival based events
  • Motivational speeches
  • Important dates (National and International)
  • Inter branch competitions
  • Sports activities