CT scan stands for Computer Tomography scan. It is also known by the name of CAT (Computerized Axial Tomography). It is a medical imaging technique used to generate images of inner human anatomy. CT scan uses X-Ray waves to generate images of internal organs of human body. Images generated in this way are then used to diagnose diseases and other conditions present inside the human body and organs.
CT scan is used to scan inner body parts such as – soft tissues, bones, brain and blood vessels. This imaging technique makes use of X-Ray to scan inner body parts. As part of the scanning process, many X-Ray images are taken (from different angles). The images obtained this way are then studied and observed by qualified Radiologists and/or Doctors. Based on the observations, they make diagnosis.

Tasks of a CT scan technician include –

  • Prepare the patient for scan
  • Carry out instructions provided by physician or radiologist
  • Provide instructions to the patient
  • Set up CT scanner and adjust necessary parameters
  • Position the patient for the scan
  • Operate the scanner (handle the controls)
  • Record the scanned images and results
  • Follow necessary safety precautions (scan dosage) and directions

CT scan technicians usually work under the guidance of qualified Doctors/Radiologists. They follow instructions provided by the Doctor, operate the scanner, record the images and hand over the record to the Doctor/Radiologist (for diagnosis).
Nature of course: It is a paramedical certificate course. On course completion, one will get certificate from the institute. It is a job oriented medical certificate course and helps acquire key CT scan technician skills.
Duration: Anywhere between 6 to 12 months.
Eligibility criteria: 10th or 12th passed