Biotechnology is a combination of two subjects- Biology and Technology. Broadly speaking, it brings together concepts of Biology and Engineering and aims at putting concepts of both these subjects together, in a bid to enrich our lives and make innovative developments.

Biotechnology is well known by the short name of biotech.

In simple terms, biotechnology deals with the modification or enhancement of living organisms according to human purposes. The main aim of this branch of science is the creation of useful products (from living organisms) or enhancement of living organisms which will result in increase in their value.

Biotechnology consists of elements of molecular biology, biochemistry, cell biology, embryology, genetics, microbiology and technology. Do you want to see examples of biotechnology at work? Here are some such examples – tissue culture, genetic engineering and cell culture.

Biotechnology sector is growing at a steady pace in India. Not just India, this sector is growing at a decent pace across the world! In short, this sector is set to create ample amount of job opportunities in the future.

At present, this sector offers limited amount of job opportunities (well rewarding ones) in India. But this scenario will change in the near future. The R&D sector associated with biotechnology sector is well rewarding (both financially and career growth-wise).

Biotechnology course material can be classified into two sections- theory section and practical section. In theory section, students will have to deal with subjects related to biology as well as basic technology concepts.

Practical section is also very important. Students will have to spend good amount of time in laboratory, performing practical lessons as well as lab training.

 At the end of the course, research project is also held. Lab activities form a major part of project.


12th Science stream students are eligible to apply for this course. Both PCM (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics) as well as PCB (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) group students are eligible for this course.

Qualities that make this college as the best B. Sc college in Bhopal for B.Sc Biotech:

  1. NRI College has excellent facilities for teaching including adequate laboratory facilities and equipments.
  2. The institute has highly qualified, experienced, specialized and dedicated faculties to guide students and mentor their aspirations and career options that make this college as the best B. Sc college in Bhopal.
  3. It made tremendous progress in research and placement of students in various fields like Pharmacological Industries, Brew and Beverage Industries and so forth.
  4. In addition to this department, various tie-ups and internship projects are running with well- known laboratories to achieve all round development of the students and to make them equipped with the tool of knowledge and information that will aid them in their future endeavors and also in the development of our country.
  5. Dissertation projects are conducted for final year students to enhance and explore their knowledge in their desired fields.
  6. B.Sc has more of theoretical knowledge where has more of technical and practical knowledge. Duration in B.Sc is 3 Years.
  7. The features which make this college as one of the best B. Sc college in Bhopal include industrial visits, scholarships, Hands on trainings, and co-curricular activities includes inter- college competitions, debate competitions, etc . This institution was set up with the objective of providing quality education.
  8. There is a whole dedicated team which works together with the student placement committee to ensure that the best companies come to campus.
  9. Apart from providing the in-depth knowledge of core B.Sc curriculum, the students are provided with additional training in soft skills, personality development, etc. Opportunities to explore extra- curricular activities provide a holistic and enriching experience to students.
  10. Well organized and updated libraries with latest journals, references books, etc.