Diploma in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering

Future Prospects

The discipline essentially involves concepts of electronic networks and devices, electric magnetic fields, computer fundamentals, and communication and control systems. Diploma in Electronics and Communication Engineering course provides application of behavior and impacts of electronics to create Segments, Gadgets, Frameworks, and equipment.

Diploma in Electronics and Communication Engineering course is about Management of electronic gadgets and programming interfaces and Applications that help make life more comfortable and convenient.

The course also provides knowledge about an expansion of productivity across numerous industries, such as Energy, Oil, Agriculture, Radio, Telecommunication Media, Television and Computers among many other such industries.

Students enrolled in Diploma in Electronics and Communication Engineering course are taught to direct, balance, control, and test production processes, ensure safety, installation and proper functioning of the various mechanisms, understand and apply digital electronics and logic design, operate advanced hardware, apply fundamentals of communication engineering,

They are taught to understand, operate, and manage electronic circuits, signs and frameworks, power electronics gadgets, VLSI, Applied electromagnetic theories, integrated circuits, control frameworks and PC engineering.

Diploma in Electronics and Communication Engineering students apply concepts of Mathematics, Science and Electronics and Communication Engineering, they design and conduct experiments on electronics and communication circuits.

Career Opportunities

Diploma in Electronics and Communication Engineering students are hired in capacities such as Production Quality Manager, Electronics Hardware Development Engineer, Production Manager, Business Development Manager Mechanical/Electronics, Electrical and Electronics Engineer, Assistant Manager/ Manager Electrical & Electronics, Electronics Technician, Product Line Engineers (Mechanical & Electronics), Junior telecom officer, Technical engineer, etc.

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