Come, Be a Part of BMLT College in Bhopal

Come, Be a Part of BMLT College in Bhopal

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BMLT stands for the Bachelor program in Medical Lab Technology. It is mainly 3-4 year course affiliated under the recognized university. The basic qualification required is plus two or equivalent from the reputed board. The students must study PCM as subjects in their intermediate level. After the successful completion of the course one can have number of employment areas. Hospitals, Nursing rooms, Clinics, Public health care centers etc. are some of them..

The NVISMT B.Sc. Medical Lab. Technology (MLT)program is concerned with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases through the use of clinical laboratory tests, though the Medical Lab technologistsspend less time with patients than are just as dedicated to patient’s health. As vital members of the health care doctors and nurses, medical laboratory professional’s team play a critical role in collecting the information needed to give the best care to an ill or injured patient. The fact is that the practice of modern medicine would be impossible without the tests performed in the laboratory.

NVISMT, the Best BMLT College in Bhopal was established in the year 2016 with an objective to impart quality education and training thereby moulding students into professionals to enable them to meet emerging trends in the paramedical domain. Engaged in teaching, research and a high academic standard is maintained by an experienced and dedicated team of professors, clinicians and scientists, who are developing technologies in healthcare. There is always need for fully qualified hands for providing physiotherapy treatment and also a demand for qualified laboratory technicians. Apart from that, the demands for dialysis technicians, operation theater technicians are also increasing. In order to meet these demands and also to provide employment avenues the Institute has taken up many courses in the field of Para medical sciences

The educational goal of NVISMT BMLT College in Bhopal is to ensure a holistic development of theoretical and practical skills with the aim to prepare compassionate human beings, caring and courteous medical professionals, responsible and socially-conscious citizens. To enlarge the ambit of Higher Education among the all sections who could not have the benefit of formal education. Paramedical education has come to stay as an alternative to students. The paramedical education system would also enable the manpower, which is already engaged in the gainful employment to improve their academic attainment enabling them to complete for better prospectus vertically. There is no point in learning the most advanced things at a BMLTInstitute with the most modern methods and approaches if the institute does not give you room for plenty of practice. That is why NVISMT BMLT College in Bhopal also makes sure that besides a world-class education and training from highly-qualified faculty, it trains its students practically by putting them in the center of the action and letting them learn from their mistakes and achievements. This enables the BMLT studentsto grow as a professional as soon as they start working in the genuine atmosphere of good hospitals and handle the doctors as well as the patients. Arnav hospital which has wide and varied specialty areas with modern technological advances, provide opportunities for optimal development of clinical skills for the NVISMT BMLT students.

NVISMT Medical laboratory professionalshave unlimited choices of practice settings. Hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, public health facilities, and commercial laboratories all have positions open right now for qualified laboratory professionals. In these settings, communication and research skills are highly valued. Employment of clinical laboratory workers is expected to grow as the volume of laboratory tests increases with population growth and the development of new types of tests.

The academic block of the Best BMLT College houses the paramedical science classrooms and laboratories with air conditioned state-of-the-art class rooms fully equipped with digital technology. This helps in transmission of Para medical educationby using both conventional and electronic learning tools as well as simulation laboratories to master basic emergency skills. This will help in equipping young professionals with future medical requirements. The Institution, attempts to mould well-motivated young minds, to take on the daunting responsibility with grace and confidence, equipping them not just with knowledge that will help them assist doctors during critical or surgical operations but also with the sensitivity and gentleness required to administer efficient bed side care.

NVISMT BMLT College, Bhopal aspires to be the forefront of modern medical innovation pushing past the boundaries of medicine with a ground breaking medical research and surgical advance. The institute strives for its core values of Integrity, Innovation, Compassion, Collaboration, Excellence and Leadership and enables the next generation of medical professionals with tools of success in our rapidly changing world and shape the very future of health care. The learning environment provided at the campus motivates the students to learn more and assist them in building their excellent career

The Best NVISMT BMLT College invites you to explore the vast possibilities of paramedical science and discover a rewarding life of Innovation, Team work, Achievement and Camaraderie.