About Us

NRI group of Institutions was founded by Mr. D. Subodh Singh and the technocrats of India in the year 2000. It is run by Taramathi Education Society formed by NRIs based in the USA and highly qualified technocrats in India. NRI group of institutions is leading group of educational institutions of India which is providing professional degrees in engineering, pharmacy, management, law and paramedical sciences since 17 years. The institute caters over 5000+ students, studying across 100 acres of high-tech campus. The institute nurtures students coming from all walks of the society to experience quality and equal education. The college is sensitive to individual, racial and ethnic differences and seeks students and personnel from diverse cultural backgrounds. Our institute believes in providing the best of Indian Education system with a blend of educational techniques of the USA.

Vision and Mission

The group’s mission is to build the tomorrow of Indian Society by nurturing the career and lives of our students. Our prestigious group is dedicated for providing quality education and focus on over-all development of the student. Our agenda is to prepare our students to make a difference in the society and world by being the best in whatever field they choose.

Pinnacles of NRI : (Key Highlights, Achievements and Recognition)

  1. Collaborations with International Associations, like IEEE / ISTE / CSI / SPICMACAY for various activities (academic, technical and cultural).
  2. Tutor-Guardian (TG) System for professional and personal guidance of students.
  3. Remote Centre and Resource Centre of IIT Bombay.
  4. Participation in Aakash Project under which Aakash Tablets have been issued to the institute for Aakash lab project under National Mission on Education through ICT (MHRD, Govt. of India).
  5. E-yantra Nodal Centre of IIT Bombay to promote Robotics knowledge in students.
  6. Approved by AICTE; Affiliated to RGTU/BU.
  7. International Accreditation by IAO.
  8. National Accreditation by NBA.
  9. Ranked Among TOP 100 Institutes of India .
  10. Ranked “A” Grade Institute by State Fee Committee .
  11. Best Technical Institute for Engineering.
  12. Best Academic Infrastructure Award by Assocham.
  13. Outstanding Resource Centre by IIT Bombay.