A Distinctive Journey with M.Tech College in Bhopal

A Distinctive Journey with M.Tech College in Bhopal

What we think, we become.
that we are arises with our thoughts.
With our thoughts All, we make the world.

M.Tech means master in technology. In India, Master of Technology or Master of Science in Technology or Master of Science in Engineering degree is a postgraduate program in engineering or technology field.

Most of the M.Tech courses are of 2 years of duration where the students need to pass through their extensive education in particular field of engineering or technology.

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The NRI College of M.Tech in Bhopal has achieved exalted milestones cutting through various pitfalls and thoroughfares in its journey of 18 years. 27 acres of strikingly breathtaking Campus has now encompassed a completely congenial environment for letting your imagination unbound. NRI Institute of Insformation science and technology and NRI Institute of Research and Technology both colleges are Best M.Tech Colleges in Bhopal. It has culminated into a well structured and well-planned complex, giving the beholders an intellectual stimulation through its grace and grandeur. NRI Group of Engineering is the hub of education and a zone of academic excellence. Due to its excellent and top class courses in B.Tech and M.Tech  in NIIST and NIRT which are the two engineering colleges under the umbrella of NGI has accomplished for itself the prestigious Status in Central India.

NGI has earned accreditations for itself that resonate with the finesse and efficacy with which the NRI College of Engineering and Technology has been constituted. It is an NBA and NAAC (Grade “A”) approved institute. Today it is counted amongst the best colleges for M.Tech in Bhopal and is rated at par with the global level institutes across the country. AICTE approved college and affiliated to RGPV, Bhopal. It is the landmark for those who have set out to create a remarkable career.

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Being the best college or Engineering in Bhopalprovides the best Masters program for engineering. An M.Tech degree from NRI Group of Engineering will provide a student with the best training and skills required for promising job placements. M. Tech degree if pursued at NGI carries a lot of scope and weight age in a student’s profile. They will be willingly absorbed in uptown professional spheres of Computer Science & Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering and Electrical Engineering; the students have various options in Government as well as private companies.

To prepare the students with practical and theoretical knowledge to excel in the respective field of M.Tech program, NRI Group of Engineering provides spacious and well equipped labs and fully updated library, boasting of huge infrastructure. NRI M.Tech College is no exception to this as it offers a world class access to technologies through its well-equipped labs. M.Tech program in Engineering prepare students to further their interest and develop skills in specialized areas through courses  as well as by Research (M.S.) The course aims at providing know-how of the latest developments and techniques in disciplines, and thus enhance their job prospects-employability. They are also aimed at enhancing analytic ability and fostering critical inquiry to be gainfully employed for scientific and technological innovations.

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NRI M.Tech program is tailored to meet the industry needs and emphasis is on teaching theories and their applications in a practical framework. Online tools are extensively deployed to ease the learning process. The technologies and developments are quickly incorporated in the curriculum and the courseware updated to fulfill the changing need of the industry. This methodology goes to render a positive learning experience like never before, and translates one’s dreams into reality i.e. success. The management has also taken all the efforts to build a team of committed faculty members, who form an integral part in the growth and development of the college. NRI the best M.Tech College in Bhopal encourages its students to cultivate many skills and develop multi-faceted personalities through myriad activities.

The Training and Placement cell at NRI Group of Engineering assists the students in getting recruited by top companies across various Industries. The placement cell ensures that the students undergo the training required to transform them to Industry ready professionals.

The institute is distinguished by its commitment to finding solutions to the great predicament. NRI M.Tech College in Bhopal, has constantly undertaken the mission of balancing innovation, perfection and knowledge. Backed by these core values, it has nurtured strong headed and determined students who are absolute in taking up any challenge. With a clear focus on changing times that ask for a quick and faster adaptability and an education system that is relevant, NGI lays the foundation to bring into practice the ideas of brilliant minds by taking the students to the distinctive journey of M.Tech College in Bhopal.