NRI Institute of Nursing Facility for Students:


Our college has well established lab which are nursing foundation lab, child health nursing lab, OBG lab, community health nursing lab, nutrition lab , anatomy & physiology lab, pre-clinical science lab and computer lab which include all the necessary articles required as per INC rules. Advanced lab facility in the Best Nursing College Bhopal.

Nursing foundation lab 

Nursing Foundation lab is a patient simulator. Nursing is an art and science that needs a lot of practice. The Nursing Foundation lab is the practical area of the students, where they perform all nursing procedures prior to the exposure to the clinical field. The faculty uses the lab for various demonstrations of procedures in nursing. This spacious laboratory is well equipped with patient simulator, cardio-pulmonary resuscitation mannequin, life form hand simulation, etc. in addition to the facilities in real ward situation.

Paediatric lab & Obstetrical & gynecological lab

This lab equipped with the pediatric mannequins, various models to manage normal and emergency situation of child health It helps to provide modern child health care& develop skill in carrying out and assisting various pediatric procedures. In OBG lab we have over 30 models and manikins that are simulating the actual obstetric and gynecologic patients and lesions. we demonstrate the actual Obstetric procedures and maneuvers as normal labor, breech delivery, postpartum hemorrhage, shoulder dystocia, vacuum and forceps delivery. Multiple fetuses, placentae , pelvises are available also for the different steps of learning. The commonly used gynecological and obstetrical instruments are present to be explained to the students in details. Kits for surgical procedures as episiotomy and its repair are available for the students to get these surgical skills.

Community health nursing lab

This lab is well equipped with articles for preparing students nurses to work in urban and rural communities. It has bags containing all the articles for community health nurses to perform various procedures during their home.

Anatomy & Physiology Lab

This lab is designed to provide students with handle an experience related to the anatomy & physiology of human body and also to acquire knowledge of normal structure of human body.lab is equipped with various models, specimens, skeleton, all kinds of bone, charts etc.

Nutrition lab

This lab is designed to assist the students to acquire knowledge for maintaining of optimum health at different stages of life & is application for practice of nursing.this lab is well established with all facilities including gas stoves, refrigerator, microwave variety of articles and vessels for development of skills in preparation of different food items are present.


Nursing students attend OPD sessions in the hospital. GNM students visit different places under community connect and provide primary health services. Student actively participates in health awareness programs. Students regularly interact with faculty members, doctors, and students from medical, dental and management colleges to hone their technical and managerial skills and are groomed as competent nurses. Apart from giving quality education students are exposed to varied career options around the globe. Students are updated with latest career trends, standards and possibilities to make them adapt to global standard.


Our institution has the permission of performing clinical duty from its own 100 bedded Arnav hospital and also from 350 bedded multispecialty BMHRC hospital Bhopal. 


Library plays a vital role in academic & research system & that is why library is considered to be the heart of educational / research system. our college has a modernized, spacious ventilated library including 3000 books, 15 journels, magazines to encourage all students to reach their full potential as independent learners & develop a positive attitude to lifelong learning.

Hostel Facilities

Our college provides a home like environment hostel facilities for boys and girls which has mess facility for delicious food, 24 hrs light & water facilities as well as full security for safety of the students.


Ragging involves abuse, humiliation or harassment of new entrants or junior students by their seniors. To prevent & prohibitate ragging our college has constituted a antiragging committee. The main aim of antiragging committee is:

  • To publicize to all students and prevalent directives and the actions that can be taken against those indulging in ragging.
  • To consider the complaints received from the students and conduct enquiry and submit report to the Anti- Ragging Committee along with punishment recommended for the offenders.
  • Oversee the procedure of obtaining undertaking from the students in accordance with the provisions.
  • Conduct workshops against ragging menace and orient the students.
  • To provide students the information pertaining to contact address and telephone numbers of the person(s) identified to receive complaints/distress calls.
  • To offer services of counselling and create awareness to the students.
  • To take all necessary measures for prevention of Ragging inside the Campus/ Hostels.