Welcome to Best M. Pharma College in MP – NRI Institute of Pharmacy

NRI Institute of Pharmacy is the Best M. Pharm College in MP. Master of  Pharmacy or M.Pharma is a postgraduate degree course in Pharmacy. The mission of the institute is to produce competent pharmacists & Research scholars catering to the needs of Industry, Academia, Research and Society, to create a centre of excellence for education and research in the field of pharmaceutical sciences, to contribute our humble share to ensure the well being and to reduce the suffering of mankind.

In the last 02 Years, more than 40 research papers have been published and presented at various national and international conferences.  The course focuses on specialization in the field of pharmacy.  After the completion of this course student can work as scientist in R&D and F&D. NRI Institute of Pharmacy is the best college for M.Pharm course as it provide all the facilities for the research scholar like sophisticated instruments, necessary chemicals & raw materials which are required in research work. NRI Institute of Pharmacy is one of the Best M. Pharm College in MP.

Eligibility Criteria for M. Pharma

If you want to take the admission from the Best M. Pharma College in M.P, then your criteria is :- At postgraduate level, NIP offers a Two-year M.Pharma degree program (Specializaion in Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical chemistry) to the candidates. Candidates seeking admission to the M.Pharma program must hold a Bachelor’s degree in the relevant discipline. B.Pharma from any recognized university, passed with 50% for Gen. Category and 45% for OBC/SC/ST (Only M.P Domicile candidates) and for outsiders 50% for all categories.

Facilities for M.Pharm in NRI Institute of Pharmacy

Laboratories The college has adequate and well equipped laboratories and other necessary facilities. Some glimpses of the laboratories are compiled below.

Department of Pharmaceutics

The department of pharmaceutics is one of the key departments of the Institute. It is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to undertake research in drug development and delivery. More recently, the department has initiated research on Nanotechnology. To strengthen our research potential, nanotechnology will be utilized to prepare effective carriers to deliver the drugs at disease targets and effort will be taken to initiate and develop drug delivery system in our department.

Drug delivery technologies modify drug release profile, absorption, distribution and elimination for the benefit of improving product efficacy and safety as well as patient convenience and compliance. The goal of drug formulation and delivery is to administer a drug at a therapeutic concentration to a particular site of action for a specified period of time.

The classroom and laboratory infrastructure is backed with well-furnished seminar halls and conference rooms where periodic scientific and academic presentations are organized by faculty members and students as well. Moreover, extensive publications in national and international journals of repute, speaks volumes of the Department’s commitment to research activities.The department works towards improving the skills of PG students by involving them in training and taking up projects from reputed private Pharmaceutical Companies. Students are exposed to workshops and   guest lectures delivered by eminent personalities during their course

The department is presently engaged in research projects on:

  • Development and evaluation of  Transdermal drug delivery systems.
  • Development and evaluation of buccal drug delivery systems.
  • Development and evaluation of Gastro-retentive drug delivery systems.
  • In vitro and in vivo evaluation of conventional and new drug delivery systems.
  • Development and evaluation of peroral controlled release systems.
  • Development and evaluation of buccal drug delivery systems.
  • Biopharmaceutic and pharmacokinetic studies including bioavailability and bioequivalence studies.
  • In vitro and in vivo evaluation of conventional and new drug delivery systems.
  • Biomaterials for novel drug delivery systems.
  • Nano-biopharmaceutics: Focus on drug targeting and gene delivery.

The institute has sophisticated manufacturing and analytical equipment that include:

  • USP dissolution apparatus.
  • Disintegration test apparatus.
  • High Performace liquid chromatography(HPLC).
  • UV Visible spectrophotometer.
  • Tablet punching machine.
  • Monsanto & Pfizer Hardness tester.
  • Friability test apparatus.
  • Tablet coating pan.
  • Ball Mill & Cutter mill.
  • Laminar flow bench.
  • Ultrasonicator.
  • Microscope with camera.
  • Turbidity meter.
  • Homogenizer
  • Mechanical stirrer with propeller.
  • Magnetic stirrer with Hot plate.

Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

The Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry has been actively involved in imparting a relevant knowledge base and technical skills in the field of pharmaceutical chemistry; offering research activities in the field of industrial research, development of new methodologies and fundamental academic research. The Department offers excellent infrastructure with sophisticated equipment and well equipped laboratories. All laboratories are well-furnished with appropriate numbers of glassware, chemicals and additional preparation, and technical staff-support rooms.

The Pharmaceutical Chemistry plays a vital role in design and synthesis of new molecules using synthetic organic chemistry which makes a major contribution to the identification and development of small drug-like molecules in the discovery process.

The department is engaged in the following areas of research

Identification and validation of novel target sites for various therapeutic areas: Design and synthesis of new chemical entities as anticancer, antileishmanial, broad-spectrum antimalarial, antituberculosis, antihypertensive, antiinflammatory, antidiabatic, anti-viral compounds and multi-drug resistance reversal agents.

Job Opportunities

R & D: The pharmacy industry is one such industry that thrives on research and development. Hence, M. Pharms and Ph.Ds are highly in demand for research of new drugs, process development, formulation, development, clinical trials and Toxicological Studies.

Analysis and Testing

To control and assure the quality of the product manufacturing area as well as the product itself. Highly skilled staff is required for handling sensitive analytical details along with the handling of sophisticated equipments with care and accuracy.