Electrical &
Electronics Department

The Department of Electrical Engineering (EE) and Electrical & Electronics Engineering (EX) was established in the year 2008-09. It offers two Under-Graduate programmes (B.E. in Electrical Engineering and B.E. in Electrical & Electronics Engineering) and one Post-Graduate programme (M.Tech in Electrical Power System). The department has grown not only on terms of student strength, but also in improving the laboratory facilities for the teaching and research purposes. The department has dedicated state of the art teaching/research laboratories .The department is recognized in research project It is the first Department among all the engineering colleges in Bhopal to have Power Transmission Lab.

Vision & Mission

Mission Statement :
The mission of the department is to achieve the following goals :

  • Provide high quality innovative educational programs at the undergraduate and graduate level.
  • Prepare graduates for the high technology field by promoting lifelong learning, technical expertise, ethical standards, and leadership qualities.
  • Pursue excellence in scholarly research at the frontiers of electrical engineering.
  • Commit our faculty expertise and modern facilities to the service of the industry, the profession, and other constituents in the state and the nation.

Vision Statement :

The Department of Electrical Engineering is committed to innovation and excellence in teaching, research and service. We plan to achieve this vision by recruiting high caliber faculty and students, and by continually improving our curriculum and teaching methods. The department facilitates collegial atmosphere that is conducive to intellectual and scholarly pursuits of faculty and students.

Key Features

Our department is well furnished with all the required equipments and lab facilities as per AICTE norms. Here under are the details:

  • Electrical Instrumentation Lab
  • Network Analysis Lab
  • Power Electronics Lab
  • Control System Lab
  • Switch Gear & Protection Lab, etc.

These provide a better understanding of the subjects with practical approach and in understanding the applications of the technology in a realistic mode.

Programs Offered

  • B.Tech
  • Diploma in EE

Departmental Achievements

  1. Water level indicator (Installed in between water tank (at roof of NIRT) to Admin office NIRT; It sends alarm during overflow (water) condition). Prepared by Bhuvneshwar, Devendra, Manish Buhare, Pratik Patil under the guidance of Prof. Geetam Richhariya and Prof. Mitali Khushwaha.
  2. Three phase control supply (Installed at NVISMT Building controlling 3 floors )- Made by Mukesh & group, Hemant, Dileep, Ankit Chaturvedi and Ankit Gautam under the guidance of Prof. R.M Patil and Mr. Moahana.
  3. Electronic speaker system (Installed at EE Deptt- It sends voice notices to the 3 classrooms of the department) Prepared by Deepak, Tanisha, Anoop, Kajal, Rohit under the guidance of Prof. Geetam Richhariya and Prof. Samar Jeet Shukla.
  4. PV stand alone system (Installed at EE/EX Deptt). It illuminates the even when power is cut off due to renewable energy source). Prepared by Abhishek Anand, Abhishek kr, Anil Pal, Neeraj, Pravendra, Amit Meena under the guidance of Prof. Geetam Richhariya and Prof. Anurag Singh Thakur.
  5. Automatic temperature sensor (Installed at second floor of NIRT- Sensing and indicating the environmental temperature)
  6. Moving message display device “DIRECTOR NIRT” (Installed at Director NIRT Office- highlighting the cabin of Director NIRT from remote). Prepared by Harsh Malviya, Puspa Solanki, Ajay, Shivam Gupta, Gopal Kr. Under the guidance of Prof. Geetam Richhariya and Prof. Rakhi Yadav.
  7. Smart City Model – It includes all the automatic controlling like water level indicator, fire alarm etc) and also shows the use of renewable energy sources to save the energy. Raj, Neha, Ankita, Himanshu, Vivek Under the guidance of Prof. Geetam Richhariya and Prof. Samar Jeet Shukla.