Achievements of Civil Engineering Department

  1. Our students are expert in practice and master in theory.
  2. Since last decade top ranks are grabbed by our students in top notch exams like GATE, NTPC, DRDO, ISRO, Combined Defence Services and UPSC.
  3. Private sector companies prefer NRI group students as they are expert in many new fields like Geosynthetics, geocels, problematic soils treatment, sewage treatment, surveying.
  4. Tie up with modern research laboratories of CSIR like AMPRI, CBRI, SDL, RDSO, and top institutions like IIT, NITTTR, and NITS.
  5. Ideal faculty student ratio.
  6. Field visit every fortnight.
  7. Visit to top industries like STRATA, MACAFAARI, RELIANCE, NCC, AECOM, and GAMMON.
  8. Local chapter of ASCE, Indian Geosynthetics Society, IGS , ICE, IIE, and RICS
  9. Mentoring students to make research papers and present in international conferences.

Paper Publications

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  4. Pankaj Mishra,Sandip Shyamsundar Gadewad, Abhishek Bhandari, Performance on Spark Ignition  Engine using  Ethanol  and Petrol  Blends , International Journal of Research In Science & Engineering , Volume: 3 Issue: 3 May-June 2017, 356-362
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