Youth Parliament

Youth Parliament has been introduced by NIIST, with an aim of developing event managerial skills among the students. It is a debate forum wherein the students would discuss about the national and international current affairs. It is a body of 20 young representatives with three organs i.e.

Democratic-The main party,

Republic- The opposition party and

People’s Party-open for the audience.

The participants are free to choose the debatable topics. 

The Inaugural ceremony was organized on 13/4/2016. The Chief Guest of the occasion was Ms. Bhakti Sharma, Sarpanch Barkhedi, Bhopal.

The Guest of Honour was Mr. Digvijay Singh, an upcoming actor of Bollywood.


To encourage participation by each member and emphasize on simple communication, on any topic and also to be active with positive body language. To make the students aware of the current affairs and enhance their managerial skills.

“When you change your behavior, you change your performance and you change your life.”