Annual Techno – Cultural Fest

NOVIZIO is the annual science, technology and cultural festival of NRI Group.

It refers to the independent body of students who organize various technical and cultural events.

NRI Group is supposed to be one of the first colleges in MP to introduce Techfest in Engineering colleges with an aim to galvanize the hidden talents and skills of the students.

Novizio is known for hosting variegated events which include:

  • Programming War: Students are given specific programming tasks to be implemented using any programming language
  • PUBG – challenge
  • LAN Gaming: Students compete in playing popular LAN games such as Need for Speed etc.
  • Working Model: Various branches compete in their respective categories by making working models.
  • Treasure Hunt: Students participate in teams to hunt for the treasure based on the various clues given by the coordinators
  • Robo Race: It is an exciting event for those students who are interested in robotics. Students make robots and they are required to navigate them on pre-defined tracks where they have to overcome the obstacles and reach the finishing line. The winner is the contestant whose robot reaches the finishing line in minimum time.
  • Technical Quiz: Students participate in teams in the preliminary written round of technical quiz. The top teams then compete on stage for the various rounds such as Personality, Rapid Fire, Audio Visual etc.
  • Paper Presentation: Technical papers on various domains are presented and the most innovative ideas are awarded.
  • Face Painting: Students participate in teams where one partner paints the face of the other on a given theme. The most creative team is awarded.
  • Rangoli: Students participate in teams to make colourful rangolis on a given theme. The most creative team is awarded.
  • Paper Attire: Students participate in teams to make paper attires. The most creative team is awarded.
  • Cultural Night: Students display their talents of singing, dancing, poetry and dramatics during the cultural night which is filled with enthusiasm and cheers.
  • Poster Making: Students prepare colourful posters on current issues. The most creative posters are awarded.
  • Carnival: Carnival marks the ending of Novizio. It is a blend of melodious music, breath-taking skill demonstrations and rhythmic dance performances. Various institutes of NRI Group participate to showcase their strengths and skills during the Carnival.