Ethnic is a celebration denoting the ways of sharing cultural characteristics and traditionalism.

 At NIIST, we celebrate all the festivals with zeal and enthusiasm.

The display of ethnicity of various culture from national & international students get a single platform at NRI GROUP OF INSTITUTES.

We have students from Nepal, Uganda, Kenya, Dubai, etc….who present their traditional culture on the day of NOVIZIO (the annual fest of NGI).

 It depicts myriad cultures of the world & ignites every individual to be grounded to their roots. As, ethnicity & traditions are the representative factors of a particular country & culture in all.

 NGI feels proud to bring everyone together irrespective of class, color, creed, religion or race by celebrating the festivals jubilantly.

We celebrate Ganesh Utsav,Diwali, Holi, Navratri [Garba], Brahmaotsav, etc with great pomp & show. These kind of celebrations is like stringing all the beads together& breaking all the shackles of animosity.