Recent Events @ CE, NIIST

Green Building Workshop

Workshop of “GREEN BUILDINGS” was organized by resource center in collaboration with  IIT Bombay.

The meaning of Green building is providing maximum comfort to the residents with minimum use of man –made energy. It means using natural resources to provide maximum comfort to the occupants. This can be achieved by proper orientation, maximum use of sunlight, ventilation by providing large windows, solar system and water harvesting. Green building should be oriented in such a manner so that we can take maximum use of sunlight & wind.


Traffic Awareness Seminar

NIIST Civil Department organized a seminar on “Traffic Awareness” On 06/04/2016. Police Department Officers S.P.(South), Addl. S.P. (Traffic), Addl. S. P. (MP Nagar & Govindpura), C.S.P. and Coordinator of Traffic Seminar delivered awareness and imparted Knowledge about Traffic Rules and Traffic Discipline to Faculties And Students of NRI Group of Institutions.