NIPS Facilities


The college has adequate and well equipped laboratories, library and other necessary facilities. Some glimpses of the laboratories, library and medicinal garden are compiled below.

Central Instrument Room

The Central Institute Room is well equipped with all sophisticated instruments like High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), U.V spectrometer, Fluorometer, Flame Photometer, Colorimeter, Cooling Centrifuge, Brookfield Viscometer, Digital Melting Range Apparatus, Ultra Sonicator, Phase Contrast Microscope, Gel electrophoresis, Tissue Homogenizer, Conductivity meter etc.

Machine Room

Machine room is fitted with all modern machines like Multi station compression machine (8 Stations), Tablet coating pan, Stability chamber, Ampoule sealing machine, Ampoule washing machine, Bottle sealing machine, Ball mill, Hammer mill, Clarity apparatus, Sieve Shaker Double cone blender, Capsule filling machine, Ointment filling machine, Collapsible Tube Crimping Machine, Tray Drier.

Herbal Medicinal Garden

Indigenous plants having various therapeutic properties are planted in the campus and students are taught regarding their cultivation, collection, storage, medicinal properties and uses.

Herbal Museum

A herbal museum has been developed at the Institute. The museum displays about 100 crude drugs of natural origin, some animal and plant specimens and few plant specimens. The museum helps the students in recognition and identification of crude drugs of natural origin in the subject of pharmacognosy..

Animal House

Institution has a well maintained animal house where various research regarding medicinal activities of drugs on animals is going on apart from other pharmacological experimentations. It is maintained by veterinary doctor and various experts of pharmacy.


Computing facilities for students include a computer centre with more than 60 computers for UG and PG students connected to internet.


Library is the heart of academic and research activities of the NIPS. It has been catering to the needs of faculty members, research scholars, and students on campus effectively. Library has a collection of more than 8000 books, over 30 national & 20 international journals besides several magazines, newsletters & papers. Online journals subscription is available for M.Pharm students which make their project work easier. The library is well equipped with modern facilities, spacious stack halls, 100- seating capacity reading hall, reference sections, catalogue area, multiple loaning counters, and is managed by a highly dedicated team of professionals. The mission NIPS Library is to “provide high quality services in support of the teaching and research objectives of the college”.