World Health Day

On the occasion of World Health Day, to promote healthier living habits, Pharmacy Students of NRI Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Bhopal gave the message highlighting the serious and increasing threat of vector-borne diseases (VBDs), with the WHO’s slogan for year 2014 “Small bite, big threat”. Vector-borne diseases like malaria and dengue have now become a global public health threat with more than half of the world`s population at risk from it. However, most of these diseases are preventable through informed protective measures. Pharmacy students of NIPS gave the message of protection from these diseases by making colorful ranogi. Rangolies were drawn with the message that mosquitoes are the best known disease vector, and using safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene, disease control and elimination is possible. Students also prepared poster to create awareness for sanitation and for preventative measure to keep away mosquito. “Sab rogo ki ek dawai, Ghar mai rakho saf safai,” “If they breed, you will bleed” “Fight the Bite” were some of them.