Motivational Seminar

NRI Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (NIPS), Bhopal conducted a Motivational Seminar in association with Denasia Dental Hospital, Bhopal on 13 Dec. 2016. "Power of Dreams” was core topic. The Seminar Presentation was given by Dr. Prashant Tripathi,CEO of Denasia Dental Hospital. The Motivational Speech left everybody specially students inspired and charged. This seminar by Dr. Prashant Tripathi conveys a strong message and used real life examples to make his speech outstanding and inspirational. “Examples are the best tool available to convince others of your ideas, they are also interesting to hear and read”. Aditionally, Dr. Prashant Tripathi explained to students the drawbacks and ill-effects of tobacco consumption and discusses about the different Tobacco Control Approaches for the Next generation so that to built a Tobacco-free Future