Eye Camp

Free eye checkup camp was organized in NRI Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (NIPS), Bhopal l on 15 Dec. 2016. This camp was organized by ASG Eye Hospital, Bhopal in collaboration with NIPS, Bhopal. ASG Eye Hospitals is a chain of super- specialty eye hospital serving in many Cities in India. It was started by eye experts from AIIMS, New Delhi and has its expansion in North and North East India, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Bihar and Assam. This eye checkup camp oriented towards a complete eye health check of students and staff members of NRI Group. This camp was facilitated by eye specialists who sensitize the participants on the different types of eye diseases, eye infections and demonstrate them on how to take care of their eyes. Around 500 students/staff members participated in the camp. There is saying “Prevention is Better Than Cure”, the preventive measures of the camp include a complete eye testing, identify the students/staff having weak eyes. The students are basically unaware of how important the health of their eye is. This camp was created to extend the awareness among the students on how to take care of their eyes.

The Camp Focuses :
  • How to take care of your eyes
  • What are the possible eye infections and diseases
  • Preventive measures for a healty eye
  • Eye testing with advance equipment/Machine
  • Referral of the serious eye cases to Hospital