NIP Departments

Department of Pharmaceutics

Pharmaceutics deals with all facets of the process of turning a new chemical entity (NCE) into a medication that can be used safely and effectively by patients in the community. Department focus on designing and development of conventional dosage forms such as tablet capsule syrup and novel drug delivery systems like sustained, controlled, transdermal, ocular, mucoadhesive and targeted drug delivery systems. The M. Pharm. program in Pharmaceutics was initiated in the year 2008. Pharmaceutics Department has all modern as well as conventional instrument like Six basket Dissolution apparatus, Digital balance, Disintegration apparatus, Ovens, Stirrers, Vacuum Pump, Pfizer, Monsanto hardness tester, Tapped density apparatus, Aseptic cabinet, Hot plate, Deionisation unit, etc.

Department of Pharmachemistry

Pharmaceutical chemistry is a discipline at the intersection of chemistry and pharmacology involved in with design, synthesis and developing drug candidates. Medicinal chemistry involves the identification, synthesis and development of new chemical entities suitable for therapeutic use. Our Pharmachemistry departmental contributes to teaching in the areas of organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, analytical chemistry and drug discovery. Pharmachemistry Department is well equipped with Rotatory evaporator, Muffle furnace, Vacuum open, Melting point apparatus, Digital balance, Fuming chamber, Mechanical and magnetic stirrer, Refractometer, Polarimeter, Suction pumps The focus of the department is the synthesis and screening of various heterocyclic compounds for their pharmacological activities.